sâmbătă, 30 aprilie 2016

The best real estate virtual tour software

I was searching lately for the best software that I can use in my real estte agency in order to quickly create virtual tours. And of course I was in need of a really great software solution, as the competition is also creating some javascript virtual tours... and I have found the best software solution in the market in only 2 or 3 days of search and study.

And the winner is.... tourwizard.net - due to the fact that it allows me to create highly customizable listings, it helps me spare time while creating those listing, it is very easy to use and user friendly even if you are not acustomed to working with pictures, which is really a great thing. And more that that, it allows you to use a lot of annotations, to put a lot of info on your vistual tours without having any issues. Also - everything is LIVE - everything happens instantly as you work on it, without large processing times or intervention of other specialists or employees of virtualtour.net

What I really enjooy about this solution are the following points:
- ease of use
- posibility of integration in 3rd party websites or embed it in social media
- posibility of sending this solution via email
- posibility of adding a lot of info about the real estate property
- the time that takes a person to create a virtual tour (which is really very short)
- fast learning curve

Also, the price is more that convenient, as other solutions that are somehow similar but less polished won't be able to offer such huge value as tourwizard.net at this price.

So... tourwizard.net gets a grade 10 from my review (or short test and presentation)

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