marți, 5 aprilie 2016

Escort agency in north london

We are working on an offline (printed) catalogue of business services loocated in London, in all parts of London and in fact in all the necessary industry categories - and we are somehow prowd with the fact that we know we are doing a petter job than Yellow Pages.

Any business that we can found online, any business that has reviews on certain webstes and any business that can be verified by the Google system will get automatically in our systems as well - which is a great thing of organizing the content, as we are doing it in a way more better way than the guis from Google, which are acting like amateurs for instance with the listings from the Google Maps Business, that have been created through the Google Plus for Business interface.

Now - what we evaluated as a very interesting industry is the adult one, and with emphasis on the escirt business in London, in fact this business is very lucrative for veeryone due to good pricing and also we found a whole lot of escort agency in north London - way more agencies that we thought there can be in this business.

An interesting thing consists also in the fact that all those agencies have a pretty big number of gals that are performing all kinds of services, but everything seems to be legal so far, and more than this they are coming along with taxes from their activity, which in fact is a very good thing for business.

Now... to return to our platform, we also noticed that there also a whole lot massage (all kind of massage - terapeutical, thai, etc) as services in the north London, but not so many of those in the south London, which is also a bit weird, as the rich population can be found everywhere nowdays.

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